Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy to Make (And Super Cute) Presents for Any Occasion

[Warning: My Good Camera broke so I had to go with my brothers not so good $30 camera, but trust me, they are super cute]

Okay, So many a time I have found myself needing to find a quick present for a friends birthday & usually I just end up tying a ribbon around squirt-able cheese (super gross but my Guy friends seem to love that junk).
But my mum came in just like superman and showed me this ↓ crazy amazing craft.

Okay, Okay. Yeah I know what you're thinking (haha fine maybe I don't, but I can guess). 'That's cooolll..... Ummm what is it??'
It's actually this ↓

Yeah gross, right??
But When you decorate it, it makes a very cute place to put candy and/or other such presents. Then the person will pull the top off and get a surprise

Pull-Top Can (needs to have a bottom that can open with an opener)
Decorative Paper &/or other things to decorate it with
Can Opener
Scizzies (Scissors)
Super Glue

#1: Open the can FROM THE BOTTOM
The point is to have the person pull open the top and see candy or any other item put in there

#2: Empty the contents & Wash it out completely [then dry of course]
'Cause there's nothing like having Beef flavored Chocolates :/ Haha

#3: Take off label
Now you want to do this carefully because you're going to need this label for your pattern

#4: Cut out your new 'label'
See I told you you'd be needing it. Measure the old label and then cut out a new one from your decorative paper.
Measuring it.

#5: Tape it on!
Umm... yeah tape it on the can... do it.... I dare ya.

#6: Add any other decorations

#7: Flip it over and add your candy/present.
Remember, this is upside-down right now so make sure you don't put the stuffed animal or other thing in the wrong way.

#8: Super glue the bottom.
Make sure you don't Super glue the bear's butt to it or anything. & Make sure it get's glued very well because, since it's the bottom, it'll have to support everything

#9: Add anything else.
You might put little pieces of ribbon on the pull tab like my mum does or a note that says "Pull My Tab ;)"

And it's Done(:

This is very fast and super cute (if you do it right that is). I'm making this for two of my best friends 15th & 16th birthday and I'm filling it with their favorite candy. I'm super excited(:

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